Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ROUND-UP: Guns in schools

The debate over gun control was inflamed anew yesterday after ten people were shot at a school in Finland. The AP has released footage from YouTube, as well as stats on guns in Finland and the political fallout, as gruesome new details emerge about what happened. takes a cultural angle on the shootings, noting the musical tastes of the killer. 

On the same day, the principal of a Christian high school in western Canada wrestled a pellet gun away from a young man who walked into the school's morning chapel services. The Canadian Press has footage. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, a high school is locked down after police arrested a student carrying a gun.

The day before, the National Rifle Association released an ad accusing Barack Obama of seeking to raise taxes on guns and ammunition, and banning shotguns and rifles. The ad is called "Hunter."

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