Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memorable Moment: A not-so graceful priest

Coming soon: The Kingdom of God. It is not a movie. Neither a play. It is the actual moment when God will restore the nation of Israel to the land, as mentioned in the Tanakh. Or at least this is what the man who was preaching on the corner of West 34th Street in Manhattan on Monday evening was saying. His name was priest Sabach and he said he represents the House of Israel, a religious group who believe that the true Jews are the African-Americans and not "the ones who we see on CNN."
"Those Israelis we see on TV are not the true Jews, they are converts." And so, he said, this is why they are targeted by the Palestinians. "They had a car attack there today?" the priest asked the crowd of 10 gathered in front of him. "What the hell is a car attack?" Not a very graceful language coming from a priest, but what-the-heck. "It is called a suicide attack," he answered himself (interference seemed to be unacceptable.) He then burst into laughter clapping his hands as if to congratulate himself for the joke, or maybe the discovery. Not quite clear. Two policemen were keeping a watchful eye over him and his four companions.

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