Thursday, September 25, 2008

Profile: Fantasy Football Fanatic

Alex Lombardo, 24, is a self-admitted fantasy football fanatic. His fantasy football obsession stems from his general sports infatuation. Now he can really pretend to be Bill Parcels. Alex's football team is named "Holy Crip He's a Crapple" (taken from an episode of Family Guy). Alex is in a league with twelve other guys whom he is all friends with- a dangerous band of fantasy footballers. The Championship winner rakes in $1500 bucks, plus incentives (whatever that is). Lombardo also manages hockey and baseball teams during their seasons. He's won more than $2,000 throughout his five years of playing. And he's not worried that his obsession is affecting his social behavior, in the least. Alex says he enjoys sitting on the couch on Sundays, lap top at his side, watching all the games while simultaneously checking his stats after every play. He says he checks his fantasy football account nearly 70 times on Sundays. Alex also screams at the television and takes his excitement out on his lap top. He curses at the computer since most of his picks this year "suck." Alex says Fantasy football is worse than crack.

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