Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MINI-PROFILE - Between Oxford and Singapore

Hannah Lin only has one year to spend in New York City, so she wants to make the most of it. “I think I should develop a serious drug habit,” she jokes. Raised in Singapore, where drug traffickers are hanged, and educated at Oxford, she feels she’s run up a deficit in seediness.

Hannah is in the city for a year of grad school, and when she finishes, she’ll return to a six-year contract at a major paper in Singapore. Later in life, she’d like to work as a foreign correspondent, maybe in Beijing.

Bubbly and quick to make friends, Hannah admits that she is not only nomadic but thrives on the process of adjustment. Still, she says that her fluency in various cultures and languages hasn’t eclipsed her sense of origin. She used to dread returning to Singapore, a place of “no flux.” But now she looks forward to it: “It's braver to come back than to leave. You can find adventure anywhere if you look for it."

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