Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Link Roundup: Weird Foods- which ones have you tried?

While in Mongolia, I had the pleasure of trying their national drink Ayrag. Made of fermented mare's milk, Ayrag is considered to be the Mongolian beer. I considered it to be most bizarre beverage I have ever tasted in my life. You know when milk goes bad? Yes, very similar to that. 

There are plenty more strange foods out there. Haggis is popular in Great Britain, but the thought of various intestines boiled for three hours in a sheep's stomach may not appeal to everyone. 

Head cheese, tete de veau and beef tartare are all served at restaurants, but who actually orders them? At a business lunch? Or on a date? 

Please share the weird foods you have tried so far. For inspiration, here is a list of popular but odd dishes worldwide. Perhaps you will be tempted to try something new during your next vacation. 

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