Tuesday, September 23, 2008

PROFILE: The owner of a neighborhood beacon

Customers can get more than just pastry in The Hungarian Pastry Shop. It's a place that brings the community together and where many romances start, and some end, says owner Wendy Binioras.

She now mostly works in the sandwich shop next door she opened with her husband 7.5 years ago. ("This is the baby," she said as she compared it with the pastry shop, that has been there for 32 years)

When people started asking for food in the Pastry Shop the idea of opening a sandwich shop began to take shape.

For desert, specialty coffee drinks and love stories one still needs to go next door. Binioras, 50, is a successful Pastry Shop love story herself. She met her husband of 24 years, at that time her boss, when she was a waitress there.

Binioras remembers the turning point of her relationship with her then-boss, shortly before they started dating. "We used to have an old espresso machine, that had a pull down handle," she begins her story. "...One time it sprang back in into my eye. He took me to the back and put ice on my eye. It was a very tender moment."

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