Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini Profile: Life In Sips

Uptown in many aspects is becoming the new downtown. With pose, swanky restaurants opening left and right, people are starting to realize hanging out near their apartments is not a bad idea.

Karl Williams, decided to make his realization into a business. Society is a café in west Harlem which motto is life in sips. With communal benches and local art work on the walls, it is a popular spot for singles and young families.

Karl started the business with personal savings and loans. Since Society's opening it is a bug success for offering a downtown atmosphere uptown. The food has a reputation all by itself. Scrimp and grits is a favorite. The stuffed French toast is the perfect brunch item. The restaurant has the unique element of transforming itself thrognout the day. Starting out with a brunch crowd in the morning and ending with a coffee and laptop corwd in the eveing.

Karl admits this is just the beginning for his uptown investments. He soon plans to open a lounge not too far from Society. He says seeing the neighborhood at Fredrick Douglas and 114th Street slowly transform itself over the years proves that uptown is changing for the better.

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