Monday, September 22, 2008

Roundup: The Gay Card & McCain's Chief of Staff

Mark Buse, Chief of Staff to presidential hopeful and Senator John McCain, has been “outed” by various blog sources today.

Buse began his career in McCain’s congressional office and left the Senator’s side to pursue a brief but rather lofty career in lobbying.  Sources report Buse shares an “intimate” relationship with both the Senator and his wife, Cindy McCain.

Blasted by SiriusXM radio host Michelangelo Signorile as a “hypocrisy bombshell,” Signorile was contacted by three different sources (two of which were members of the gay-republican group, the Log Cabin Republicans) saying McCain’s right hand man has been in same-sex relationship for nearly a decade.  According to Michael Rogers at the, the couple are living more than just an “alternative” lifestyle (I liked the part about the sling). 

McCain’s record in the Senate and the House has been notoriously anti-gay.  He opposes same-sex equality, both at federal and state levels and has made anti-gay bedfellows (no pun intended) with various anti-gay activists.  Sarah Palin, his choice as second-in-command, has been accused of attempting to ban gay and lesbian themed literature while serving as the mayor of Wasila, AK. As governor of Alaska, her first act in office was a veto denying domestic partners from receiving any spousal benefits.

When we are asked this November to consider if John McCain is just a bit out touch, it appears we won’t have to look very hard or far.

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