Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mini Profile: A Yin, Capturing Mongolian Culture

With an upcoming exhibition at New York's Rubin Museum of Art, A Yin can reflect upon a tumultuous life. Born to a poor herder's family in inner Mongolia, A Yin dropped out of middle school due to his family's difficult financial situation. He continued his education at home. Eventually he attended the University of Inner Mongolia and graduated with a degree in Mongolian Language. During this time he taught himself photography and became a freelance photographer. His work displayed incredible talent, garnering worldwide acclaim. In 2007 he won the National Geographic Allroads Award.

His black and white film format provides a snapshot into Mongolian life, which is changing rapidly. Economic development is threatening the traditional nomadic lifestyle. Horses used to define Mongolian culture. Nowadays cars and motorcycles are phasing them out of the traditional herder upbringing. A Yin's photography is trying to capture the last bit of Mongolian culture before it changes even more in light of globalization. 

A Yin's photography will be showing at the Rubin Museum of Art beginning October 30, 2008.

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