Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Burlesque through the hard times

Legs Malone packs a latex Hillary Clinton Mask, silk stockings and a embroidered American flag thongh in her bag. Tonight is her big show. The burlesque special before election night.

Two years ago, Malone was laid off from her art gallery. So she took on four jobs to pay for her expenses. The biggest one is the mortgage for her apartment on Hulton Street:

With the economic crisis she has had to take on other jobs to pay her bills. On any day she can model nude for an art academy, work part time at a hedge fund, bartend at Midtown bar and dance burlesque into the early hours of the morning.

On average she makes $50 on burlesque and another $100 among her other jobs a day. Her expenses? Costumes, cel phone, mortage payments, makeup, and groceries. But she saves up as much as she can. "I'll never go out to eat dinner unless someone invites me," she says. "I'll go out and and eat a falafel and there I have my dinner for $3.50 and that's OK with me."

Listen to Legs talk about the economy:

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